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Ever wondered what keeps your body healthy and helps it to fight against illness? Your Immune system is a set of pathways or stages that protects your body from harmful foreign microbes as well as from certain diseases.

Talking about the components of the immune system, it is made up of cells and organs such as antibodies, white blood cells, bone marrow, spleen and thymus.

Two equally important types of the immune system play their role in coherence with each other. Innate or the non-specific immune system is the first line of the defense of the body. It protects the body from harmful foreign particles or microbes.

While the adaptive immune system learns to recognize the foreign agents in the body. When a foreign agent enters the body it creates antibodies against it. This system is regulated by organs like the thymus, spleen and bone marrow.


The immune system plays a vital role in keeping you healthy and strong by protecting the body from foreign agents like viruses, cancer-causing agents and bacteria. The immune system helps the body fight against the foreign antigen that gains entry into the body and keeps track of any sort of infection in the body.

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